Alwaysh – Metal Hinge Clips Folder Paper Money Binder Clamps for Tags Bags, Shops, Office and Home Kitchen (Black, 2)

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Small clips are ideal for technology or increased size, and more suitable for fabric or display tags, family or price tags, photos, maps, drawings, a file handle , so you can easily hang the clip on the wall, door, notice board, etc. Strong Spring produces strong power and strong and powerful carrying capacity clips can be used multiple times on a wooden board or magnet Name: Butterfly Flower Prolonging Clip Material: Stainless steel Color: Black Shape: Butterfly Size: 30*30mm of Clip Tension: 14mm of Used: Used for stationary paper, storage items Quantity: 2 Note: The data is all manual measurement, please allow 1 – 3cm error, due to the difference in light and display, there will be some color difference, depending on the physical object received Delivery Quantity: (according to the main picture)

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