AlwaysH Dog Claw Training Collar,Dog Detachable Adjustable Choke Collar,Metal Adjustable Training Collar for Large Dog Pet (3.5MM57CM)

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【Corret Training】Dog pinch collar, provides the necessary training pressure while protecting dogs’ airways and sensitive neck area. No need to yell at a dog or punish it. You just need to pull the training collar and the dog will stop naughty immediately. The collar naturally expands pressure to mimic the bitch carrying her puppies. 【Safety and Effectiveness】The dog training collar applies even pressure to the sides of the neck, not the trachea, extremities pins of the dog choke collar are protected by rubber tips which can prevent damage to your dog’s neck. 【Adjustable Size】 — The perimeter of the dog training collar can be adjusted, you can add or remove individual chains on the dog pinch collar to fit your dog’s neck as needed. If your dog’s neck length is between two sizes, It is recommended to choose a large size. 【High strength material】—Our prong collar is made of high quality chrome plated stainless steel. resistance, recommended by trainers. The dog swab collars have

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