Airtag Dog Collar Holder (2 Pack) Compatible with Apple Airtag Cat Collar Holder, Air Tag Holder for Pet Collar, Air Tag Case Cover for Gps Tracker

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The originally designed Apple Airtag Dog Collar Holder effortlessly secures your Airtag to your dog’s collar. By using your Apple iPhone with your Airtag, you pay no monthly fees like with many GPS Dog Tracker systems. Track your pet with less hassle, enable “lost mode” and let others who might find your dog contact you. Our Airtag case fits snugly over most collars and maintains a low profile on your dog’s collar. Designed for doggos, but can be used to attach an Airtag to other accessories with an attachment strap. *Please note that the Apple Airtag is sold separately from the dog collar holder. When using the airtag to track pets, this product is perfect Attach and cover your Apple Airtag to your dog without fear of the Airtag falling off or being scratchedInstalling the Apple airtag on the dog collar is the easiest way most convenient and safest, this tag holder can match your existing collar without changing anything. The Airtag dog collar case is professionally designed for

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