Airtag Dog Collar Frame Airtag Dog Collar Protective Cover

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1.【Compatible】 Airtag dog collar holder is specially designed for Apple Airtag 2021, using Apple Airtag for dog tracker is the easiest way to find pets, paired with our Airtag dog collar holder, so you can hang it in 0.5-0.8 Pet collar/pet ring holder can be easily attached to hold the air tag in place line with pet’s leash.durable, secure and streamlined, it stays exactly where it should be, won’t sag or swing on the collar, making pets more comfortable and heavier. br> 3.【High Quality Material】Made of soft liquid silicone eco-friendly material.The air tag is tightly wrapped, so there is no need to worry about the tag falling off. air tag from inside.It is waterproof, washable, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch, anti-c hut. 4. 【Easy to Use】The Airtag case for dog collars has a two-way opening, which can be easily hung on dog/cat collars and pet collar holders, ba backpacks and schoolbags, belts for elderly, children’s bags, shoulder straps and leashes, etc.

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