Airtag Dog Collar Cat Collar Soft Silicone Collar Locator (Yellow)

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【Suitable for Small, Medium and Cats】The Airtag dog collar is 21.3 inches long, but with multiple holes in the strap, you can adjust it from 9 inches to 19.5 inches to fit to your pet. We recommend using it on cats, small and medium-sized dogs 【How to Assemble】Measure the size of your pet’s lower neck and place a finger between their neck and the tape . Trim excess tape to fit pet’s neck 【Apple Airtag Compatible】Airtag collars for dogs and cats are fully compatible with Apple Airtags. By putting this air tag on your collar, you can keep track of cats and dogs as they hide somewhere in the house. This Puppy/Cat Collar will never let your pet get lost 【Comfortable and Durable】This Airtag dog and cat collar is made of soft silicone, non-toxic, comfortable, sweat-proof, scratch-proof and washable. Note that it is not suitable for small and skinny cats Yellow

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