Airtag Cat Collar, Airtag Cat Collar with Bell and 3/8″ Width Safety Buckle, Reflective Collar with Waterproof Airtag Holder Compatible with Apple

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Place the Airtag in the cat’s collar with holder to create a lightweight tracking collar for your cat. Specially designed for Apple Airtag GPS tracker, suitable for small animals such as cats and dogs, Chihuahuas. Airtag Cat Collar Holder: The Airtag collar comes with a waterproof and shockproof case. A small collar designed for cats and small animals that slips and sits out of reach of pets. Safety Collar: The reflective collar is designed with a removable safety buckle that easily loosens when you pull hard – safer when your pet is running around the house. ADJUSTABLE COLLAR SIZE: The length can be adjusted to fit pet neck sizes from 8.66 to 13.78 inches. 2/5″ wide, perfect for most cats, puppies and small pets. Find the most comfortable size for them. Reflective Nylon Collar: The reflective nylon kitten collar with a bell-shaped design allows your pet to be seen in dark environments. If your pet is not used to the bell, it can be removed. We only sell collars, not other items in

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