Air Tag Holder For Pets 2 Pack,air Tag Holder Portable Air Tag Case Cover For Air

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Durable & ComfortableThe air tag holder is made of soft silicone, which is scratch-resistant, washable, portable and lightweight, no heavy burden is given to the pets. ONLY 5g/0.18oz. Stable & Anti-lostTo avoid accidental loss of your loves, this air tag cover could be stably attached your pets’collars, and simultaneously Air Tag is also protected by the holder, from being falling out. Practical & SimpleJust need to put collar or straps through our air tag holder without locking or unlocking carabiners/keychain.Also easily be attatched to the strap of your backpack. Perfect for AirtagsThis durable holder fits your Air Tag impeccably, without applying any negative influence on the signal funtion of airtags. Multiple ColorsChoose from More colour options to represent your lifestyle.Made of soft silicone, nontoxic, comfortable, sweat-proof, scratch-resistant, and washable, with long service life. Air Tag Holder for Pets 2 Pack,Air Tag Holder Portable Air Tag Case Cover for air tag Dog

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