Aiminto Premium Adjustable Dog Collar Made Of Durable Polyester Padded Neoprene,

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1. Lightweight and Sturdy — Premium Polyester: This collar is durable and won’t wear or tear easily. It is made from premium quality polyester and is durable under the stress of all bread dogs. 2. Soft and Breathable – Neoprene Pad: It is also sewn with a neoprene pad that will wrap smoothly around the dog’s collar to protect your dog’s neck from rough polyester. 3. Secure quick release buckle – durable and easy to handle: Dogs can get very aggressive during playtime and get completely entangled with their leashes leaving you with the only option of removing the collar. Our quick release plastic clasp allows you to quickly remove your dog’s collar in an emergency. The buckle is super secure and can take heavy shocks! 4. Easy to install adjustable leash – suitable for all dog breeds: Do you have a German Shepherd, do you need a large dog collar or do you prefer a smaller breed? No need to look any further because our flat adjustable dog collar is for all dogs! For large dogs,

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