9 pieces of Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations, Natural Snow Cone with String Pendant for Christmas Tree decoration, Christmas Tree Gift Tags,

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natural pine cones: The trailer pine pendant is made of high quality natural wood. All pine cones are natural, non-toxic and safe, adapted to interior and exterior decoration. These are universal decorations In all seasons. The feeling of beauty: pine cones represent happiness, happiness and peace; You can give them to your family and friends to express your blessing Many applications: Very suitable for Christmas decoration, autumn and winter decoration, winter wedding, Thanksgiving, etc. Table items can also be used as gift labels, garland decorations or DIY equipment Overhanging pine cones: White color on the pine cone looks like snow falling on the pine cone; The shiny silver wire ring is attached to the pine cone and the silver wire ring corresponds to the tip White of the pine cone that is firm and firm. The package includes: 9 Christmas meat cones, about 5-6 cm in diameter, enough to decorate Christmas crowns and rotins and create an exciting atmosphere. p>

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