8 Pcs Pet ID Tube Tags Personalised Dog Barrel Tube Tag Pet Anti -Lost ID Tag

98,00 kr.

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【High Quality】 The Anti -Lost Dog Cat ID Tag is made of brass. Small size, light weight, but strong and durable, can withstand pet bites. Can be stored for a long time without fading. With a loop, it is easy to hang on the collars of dogs, cats and other pets. 【With Address Paper】The Pet ID Tube Tag Barrel contains an address paper, where you can write the owner’s contact information, leave the dog’s name, phone number and address to help your pet go home when it is lost. 【Personalised Design】This Pet ID and Address Tag pendant is threaded and the knob is designed to fit tightly to prevent water seepage. It has no sharp edges and will not harm your pet. It even looks like a pretty trinket for your pet. It is very suitable for all kinds of dogs, cats and other small pets. 【Package include】The package includes 8 packs of Pet ID Tube Tags and Pet ID Tube Tags paper. This pendant is light and compact. Your pet can hardly feel it. It shines in the sun and is easy to spot. It is a safety

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