8 Pack Leather Cat Collars with Bells and Adjustable Polished Metal Buckles Durable and Handmade

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Premium Material: The cat collars are made of high quality synthetic leather and feature removable buckles with adjustable functions. They are pet friendly and do not harm them. 8 leather cat collars: the package includes 8 leather collars in 8 different colors: red, pink, green, black, yellow, brown, white and sky blue. The color of the bell is silver. Adjustable Cat Collars: These cat collars are adjustable from 20-28cm in length and 1cm in width, easy to put on and take off. When measuring cats, please leave a distance of about 2 fingers. The necklaces aresuitable for most cat breeds. Design with Bell: The cat collars are equipped with a bell, you can easily find your pet and warn small birds and animals to reduce the chances of your lovely cat coming homewith an unpleasant gift. Top quality. Made of high quality faux leather with removable buckles, this cat collar has adjustable features and bright colors, it is suitable for pets and does not harm them. Adjustable cat collar for

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