6 Pieces Christmas Decoration Hanging Plush Gnome Ornaments Art Sets for Home Decorations Tags

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“Christmas tree ornaments: They are a good complement to the Christmas tree. They can be hung on the Christmas tree, on the wall, on the fireplace or on the window. They can make your home more festive and allow your friends to enjoy the joy of the holiday. We check every Santa before packing and shipping.^ Holiday gifts: It is a good choice for holiday gifts. They can not only decorate the Christmas tree, but also increase the festive atmosphere. In folklore, dwarfs guard their homes and protect people from misfortune. Bringing good luck to the family is regarded as auspicious.^ Handmade: Each hanging dwarf is made of environmentally friendly materials, so different two will have some differences in size and weight. Their cute appearance is very popular with children, and they are also a good choice for children to give gifts.^ Specifications and materials: 6 pcs ,The villain’s body and hat are made of wooden, plush nose, fiber white beard.^ Service: If you have any questions or

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