50PCS Plastic Plants/Flower Pots 10CM Seed Tray Nursery Nursery Pots and 50PCS Plant Tags & Marker Pen for Gardener

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Why does everyone choose Abimars potting pots? The buckets are small and handy, practical for easily unloading the sown plants. The two-tone coating prevents UV from passing through. trace the pot and kill the roots of the young plant. Retains water and soil well without leaking. These buckets are very good, especially thanks to the their depth, which allows the plants to grow sufficiently before transplanting, These plastic buckets are very good for seedlings or cuttings. transplant. Quality of our plastic flower pot is strictly controlled in all aspects of production. Safe and non-toxic plastic material, anti-aging and no fading, heat resistance heat and cold, good durability. The jars are lightweight, flexible and reusable and feature full drainage holes to keep the soil drained. and ventilated, allowing roots to grow larger and healthier. 50 Pieces ÉWaterproof Garden Labels able and 1 Marker Pieces These labels are wonderful to help you remember when you planted. All you have to

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