50pcs Bamboo Plant Signs, T-Shaped Plant Cap Labeling Tags

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Til butik

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Material: Bamboo label Surface technology: cutting technology Product process: polishing Size: 10 * 6 cm Quantity: 50pcs 1. [Environmental protection materials] The vegetable garden logo is made of 100% natural bamboo, harmless to the earth. Like plastic plant labels, it is an environmental friendly resource. and renewable. 2. [Easy to write but not easy to wash] Plant labels are easy to write on smooth surfaces with this permanent marker. 3. [Perfect design and size] 4 inches high x 2.36 inches wide (1.4 inches high at the top), these T-shaped plant markers have enough space to mark the names of the plants. Each marker is 1/16 of an inch thick, which makes them very durable and stands the test of time. 4. [Smart design]: T-shaped design, easy to put into the ground, does not hurt plant roots. You can use them to describe or distinguish plants. 5. [A good gift for gardeners] These bamboo plant tags will add charm to your garden and at the same time let you know exactly which plants

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