4 Pieces Rooster Collar Crowless Chicken Collar Anti-Hook Rooster Collar Nylon Neck Belt Adjustable Rooster Collar Preventing Screaming Chickens

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Durable material: the adjustable rooster collar is made of durable, reliable and sturdy nylon, not easy to deform, the rooster collar will not cause discomfort to the pet’s neck and can be applied for a long time

Adjustable Collar: The hook cock collar has a button design, which can be adjusted according to your cock’s neck circumference, and it is easy to wear or to take away from your pet; Simple design makes your pet more cute and chic Reduce pet noise: suitable for poultry such as chickens, ducks and geese, design classic and adorable makes your pet more beautiful and can effectively prevent the noise of chickens from disturbing neighbors and disturbing people’s peace and other troubles Pay attention to wear: be careful when putting collars on chickens to prevent them from attacking you; Poultry can not be applied to wear them for the first time, please do not force them; moreover, roosters may less crowing after being collared, probably not, it may depend on the correct size

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