38mm Vacuum Cleaner Combination Nozzle Cleaner 38mm Attachment – Fits Baiyun Jieba Vacuum Cleaner Accessories Universal BF501/201/500 id 38mm – 1 Pack

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Suitable for general BF501/201/500 inner diameter 38mm (suction cup cleaning tube diameter). Suitable for all surfaces. Easy to use switch function (can be used with foot switch). This nozzle is perfect for all smooth floors such as wood, laminate, parquet, cork, tile, stone, plank, etc. | toes toes With two rollers for easy operation and comfortable suction | Special nylon bristles/natural hair | Also ideal for rugs | Brush head Brush head Vacuuming Ultra-soft brush technology. Use: All Surfaces, Color: Black, Material: Plastic. 【Specific parameters】Working length: 260mm Working width: 85mm Interface inner diameter: 38mm

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