3000 Pieces Standard Tagging Fasteners Plastic Regular Garment Clothing Price Tag Label Standard Tagging Barbs (Clear,1 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch)

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Compatiblity: you will receive a set of 3000 tagging fasteners to refill any standard tagging guns, sufficient quantity for you to use and replace in daily life Size information: the 1 inch plastic tagging fastener is suitable for socks, towels, panties; The 2 inches plastic tagging fastener is suitable for children’s clothing and shoes; The 3 inches plastic tagging fastener is suitable for adult clothing; We provide you with several size and color options, you can choose according to your needs Reliable quality: the clothing tagging fastener has angle-proof design to prevent jamming, which is convenient and fast; The durable plastic tags are designed for use in all light, medium, and heavy weight fabrics Easy to use: the price tagging fastener is low cost and high efficiency, which is a necessary tool for packing and tagging; It is easy to remove from the soft cloth without damage to clothes Wide applications: the clothing tagging barb is easy to label and price clothing, textiles,

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