300 Pieces Plastic Tree Tags, Plant Hanging Tags Waterproof Plastic Garden Markers, 6 Colors

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Material: High quality plastic. Dimensions: 2.4 x 11 cm. Can be written on both sides with a permanent marker or pencil and clearly visible. Easy to clean with a household cleaner for reuse. These plastic plant pendants are waterproof and will really remind you of what’s in store. Diameter of hook hole: 2 cm, easy to hang on a tree and to remove. Material: plastic Color: white. Dimensions: approx. 11 x 2.4 cm. Package includes: 300 garden tags. 100% brand new and high quality, durable, plastic plant tags or labels. They don’t rot like wooden pendants. They don’t rust like metal pendants. Easy to clean with household cleaner for reuse. These labels make it easy to label labels with permanent marker or pencil on both sides. These plastic plates are waterproof and won’t break or tear like most plastic plates.

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