300 Pcs Name Tag Label Sticker Galaxy-Themed in 6 Designs with Perforated Line for School Office Home (3.5″x2.2″ Each)

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Elegant Design: Stickers designed with adorable and mystery style, you got deep space backgrounded tags with cute cartoon astronauts and space objects. Just filling your kids’ name in and the outlook will give them a COOL feeling. Premium Quality: High-light premium sticker plus high quality glue, keep your name tag bright and shiny for long lifespan. Self-Adhesive stickers. Sticks great on paper, shirts, plastic bags and most surfaces. Easy to Use: Comes in easy distribute roll with perforated line between each tag so you could easily hand them out. Write names down, peel off and stick wherever you want, done! Easy to remove. Perfect For: Various of events like group education, galaxy-themed parties as well as academic meeting. Also suitable as book or storage label. Include: 300 PCS Tags in 6 designs in one roll. Each measures 3.5″x2.2″. A must-have piece for space lover.

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