2pcs Air Purifier Collar Compatible With Car Personal Smoke Travel Filter D

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High quality anion air purifier suitable for home use, such as bedroom, kitchen, office, living room, etc. Low power consumption design, plug and play, easy to use, easy to operate and convenient. Negative ions can be used compatible with air sterilization, smoke removal and deodorization, dust collection, and radiation static electricity removal. When negative ions are combined with bacteria, the bacteria will cause structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in the death of bacteria. creating a clean and safe living environment compatible with you and your family. Product Name: Portable Negative Ion Purifier Applicable space: 1m3 Rated power: Less than 1w Sterilization principle: nano anion Temperature: -10-50Use time: about 15 hours Charging method: USBAnion concentration: 180 million/cm3 Material: ABS color: silvery white + silvery black Package Contents: 2 * Purifier 2 * Usb Cable 2 * Lanyard Only the above package contents, other products are not included. Note: Light and

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