20pcs Mini Erasable Chalkboard – Small wooden chalkboard with stand – use as place cards, place cards, name tags, price tags for weddings, birthdays,

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“Product Parameters: Mini Rectangular Bars (Size: 10*7.5cm; Weight: 13g) Mini Polygonal Planks (Size: 10*7.5cm*; Weight : 9g) Bracket (Size: 5.9 * 5.2 * 0.22 : Weight: 4g) Material: poplar Package includes: 10 pieces of mini rectangular bars 10 pieces of mini polygon boards 20 piece backing Product Information Have fun decorating with these little shelves Chalkboards don’t are more for the classroom! When you’re ready to unleash your creativity at home, such as menus, food labels, sidewalk signs, in-store billboards, such as party decorations and keepsakes, as a photo booth backdrop, as a reminder board in the office, as a plant tag, as a memo board, etc. A small chalkboard on each table with interesting details about your party or your This restaurant guarantees that your friends and customers will always remember you. A great way instead of PAPER Show your love for Mother Earth by reducing paper and non-reusable signage. Affordable and reusable, these mini boards are the natural

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