200PCS Plastic Plant Tree Tags Markers Flower Labels Thicken Hanging Tag Adjustable Garden Labels Plant Tags Waterproof Reusable (Orange)

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Easy to label plants without destroying the plants, nor affecting watering, fertilization, and sunshine. Make your garden more orderly and beautiful. Size: 11*2.4cm. Help you to name your own plants, record growth cycles and classification, mark the prices of the plants or the names of growers, and any other information. Made of high-quality PVC through the one-time injection molding process, our plant nursery garden labels of excellent toughness are flexible to bend, water-proof and durable. These tags are unaffected by weather and are working great to label the multiple rows in your botanical garden. Can be used in greenhouse and any other gardening places. These plant labels for garden are exquisite in workmanship, with smooth surfaces and edges, excellent UV protection, and will not hurt hands and plants.

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