200 White Plastic Plant and Tree Tags for Hanging 2 x 20cm with Large Writing Area White

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Dimensions: 2 x 20 cm; made of PVC plastic, anti-aging and waterproof. There are 6 colors to choose from, the beautiful and bright colors are easy to distinguish. There are 3 slots, and the ring diameter can be adjusted according to the thickness of the branch. They are easy to write on with a marker or pencil. The perfect size for writing and reading them. They can be used for plant classification and identification, or to record your planting behavior. Color: * 200pcs white Material: PVC plastic. Dimensions: approx. 20 x 2 cm. It is easy to write on the paper. label with marker or pencil. Easy to clean with household cleaners for repeated use. Adjust ring size to suit ring size. branch thickness. The tag has a nice appearance, bright colors and is easy to use. Waterproof and will not rot or rust like tags made of wood or metal. Used to classify and identify plants, or record your planting behavior. Package includes: 200 plant tags. becomeveryrich

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