200 Pack Plastic Garden Plant Tags, 5x1cm Waterproof Tags, Seed Tags for Outdoor Plants, Potted Flowers, Blue

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Features: Garden markers for outdoor plants waterproof have good water resistance, non-toxic and waterproof plastic for the garden let you never worry about the rain wet your labels. This shape is more conducive to insertion into the soil and will not harm the roots of the plant. You can name the plant or record its growth. The tag is very easy to insert into the ground, the surface is very smooth, easy to write on or label. They are suitable for fruit trees, seedlings, flowers, greenhouses, potted experiments, etc. Using this process will have no impact on plants, home gardening, orchards, gardens, farms and gardens. 200 plant labels, you can design your own own plant labels in the garden, classroom, kindergarten, DIY crafts or home decoration.

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