20 Writable Key Rings Color Key Holder Manuscript Label Holder id Tags 10 Colors Key Rings

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Easy to identify key ring: there are 10 colors that can be used flexibly, red, black, white, yellow, blue, purple, orange, green, sky blue, rose red Sturdy and Durable Label Holder: Made of eco-friendly PP materials and high quality alloys, no irritating taste, no fading and no aging after long-term use Editable Information: You can write the required information on the key fob paper card, such as alias, phone number, address, blessing, etc. Wide range of uses: hotel room marking, key classification and many classification scenes in family life can also be used Easy to use : after separating the keychain and the keychain, you can write and mark on the card, and you can also paste other personalized labels.The color keychain and the metal chain can be used for more scenarios

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