2 Pack Cat Collars, Reflective Cat Collar with Detachable Safety Buckle and Bell, Adjustable Cat Collar with Holder Compatible with Apple Airtag for

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2 Pack Cat Collars: 2pcs reflective cat collars. Made of soft nylon. Reflective design allows your cats to be seen clearly in dark environments (both designs detachable clasp) Airtag Tracking Collar: Place an Airtag in the silicone holder with a collar to build a GPS tracker. Easily locate your cats on the “Find My” app on iPhone (Airtag not included). Detachable Clasp: Both collars come with a detachable safety buckle, the buckle releases quickly when you pull with strength, safer for your pets in dangerous situation The collars come with 2 tag holders, waterproof and shockproof, to protect the tag while playing a decorative role. Specially designed for small pet collars, zipper installed, free from your pets’ reach.

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