150 Pcs Name Tag Stickers (3 x 2) Badges, Peel and Stickers Hello My Name is Name Tags Stickers Colorful Name Badge for Theme Party Family Home

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You will get: 10 sheets of easy-to-distribute colorful name stickers (rolls are not easy to distribute), each with 15 colors, enough color and quantity to distinguish items better High Quality: This label of name using high-quality materials and glue, the use of non-toxic ink printing, bright colors are not easy to fade, to achieve a balance of practicality and safety, children can also be used with confidence! Easy to use:These name tags are different from other sticker rolls that you can distribute very quickly, which will save you a lot of time. They are die-cut, each name tag is individual, easily peel and stick anywhere you want and you’re done! Multi-use: High quality and colorful design make these sticker name tags more useful and perfect for grand opening meetings, family reunions, school reunions, offices and group events. Also suitable as a book or storage label. can firmly stick to the item, when you don’t need it, it can be torn off at any time, the surface will not leave

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