144pcs Skin Tag Remover Warts Remover Patch Wart Treatment Herbal Extract Face Corn Plaster Acne Warts Patch (huali) THSINDE

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Skin Tag & Acne Removal PatchesTransparent dot,ultra-thin design,close to the skin,maintain your natural appearance anytime,Two different sizes to meet your different needs.Product name: ELAIMEI wart stickers (144 stickers)Size: 3.6*1*9.5Specification: 144 stickersWeight: 25G (including packaging)Ingredients: Thuja orientalis leaf extract, tea tree oil (melaleuca), vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), salicylic acid, rudbeckia extractInstructions:Step1: Wash and dry your hands and the parts that need to be pasted.Step2:Paste the patch on the required part for up to 12 hours.Step3: Use the patch twice a day until the patch dries and falls off

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