100pcs Chicken Ring Size Adjustable Poultry Legs Number Tag Buckle Duck Poultry Chicken Supplies(orange)

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adjustable leg ring: the foot ring contains six buckles, the inner diameter is about 2-2.4cm. The ankle ring can be retracted depending on the size of the animal. Only one is enough to use without replacement. Easy to find leg ring: Our leg ring contains 100 monochrome, containing 001-100 digital markers, you can use it to classify different poultry, enough. safe and reusable: using high quality plastic materials, easy to Disassemble, Sturdiness, Safety Easy to find leg loops: numbers and keep strips bright enough to make your chickens and ducks easy to find. Identify different ages , breeds, roosters and hens marked. Suitable for breeds of poultry, ducks, chickens, hens, etc.

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