100 Plastic Plant Tags, Reusable T-Tag with Markers, Garden Plant Tags 2.35 x 3.95 inch (approx. 6 x 10 cm)

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Our plastic plant tags are waterproof and won’t crack or get stuck like most plastic tags. Best of all, they’re short enough to fit in a mini greenhouse or humid arch. Measuring 10 x 6cm (2.36 x 3.96 inches), this product is perfect for seeds, nurseries ;res and small plants. A marker pen is included with our labels to help you mark various plants, seeds or vegetables with garden markers. All labels are UV protected. UV protection, extending the life of the label. The matte finish makes the label easy to clean. write. Don’t worry about ink on plant labels washing off in the rain or fading in the sun. Available in 5 bright, highly visible colors, our colorful T-shaped plant labels fit any size. different plant scenes and colors for easy identification. T-tabs are best for small plants, indoor/outdoor seeds, seedlings. You can design your own plant labels on gardens, classroom projects, kindergarten crafts or home decor.

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