100 Plant Tags, pvc Plant Tags for Garden Adjustable Waterproof Plant Labels

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Made of high quality PVC through a unique injection molding process, our garden plant tags with excellent toughness are flexible to bend, waterproof and durable. You can adjust our flexible PVC plant tag to the most suitable length according to plants, suitable for growing twigs, medium branches, thick branches, herbaceous vines. Suitable for managing and categorizing plants to form a well-ordered garden. Six bright and highly visible colors to choose from, our colorful plant tags are suitable for different scenes and plant colors, easy to identify with scientific buckle design, easy to hang and longer lifespan. The surface can be marked with a water pencil, waterproof and sunscreen, simple and beautiful. Long enough for you to write the name or leave marks of your style on our UV resistant plant stick labels to help organize your garden.

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