100 Pieces Plastic Plant Tags Waterproof Nursery t Type Garden Tags

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Til butik

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Product Description Material: pp plastic The color black Quantity: 100 pieces Size: 6*10cm/2.35 x 3.94 1. 【Intelligently designed】- T-shaped design is more conducive to serious; insertion into the ground and will not damage the roots of the plant. You can name the plant or record its growth. 2. 【Size】- The size of T type plant labels is about 6 x 10cm/2.35 x 3.96inch, suitable for; all kinds of potted plants. 3. 【High Quality Materials】- The plant tags are made of strong and durable plastic which is not easy to break, has good scratch resistance; water and won’t rust as easily as labelsin metal. Non-toxic and pollution-free. 4. 【Easy to handle; use】 – The T-tag is very easy to use; insert into the ground, the surface is very smooth, easy to grave; write or agrave; label. The pens we supply are oily materialsand will not be washed away by rain or water. Type T labels are reusable. They can be cleaned easily with a household cleaner. 5. 【Wide range of applications】- They are suitable

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