10 Seedling Tray Plant Starter Kit Seedling Tray + 2 Planting Tools + 20 Plant Tags Mini Greenhouse for Seedling, for Plants Starting and Growing

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【Information about seedling pots】Quantity: 2 greenhouse planting pots + 2 planting tools + 20 plant labels. Greenhouse seedling tray components: raised moisture-proof transparent cover + seed tray + water storage base. plastic material. The top of the fan controller has lamps. 【Greenhouse Planting Introduction Kit】Clear plastic cover: heat preservation, convenient to observe seed growth. Ventilation controller: humidity control, with lighting. Seed tray: with drainage holes, breathable and permeable to prevent over-watering. Water storage frame: prevent water leakage, clean and hygienic, easy to move. Professional greenhouse growing set】Comes with 2 small shovels and 20 plant tags. Plant tags can be used to record plant names, planting time, temperature, watering times, etc., for easy classification and observation. A small shovel can easily transplant seeds and flowers. 【Can increase the germination rate of seeds】The ventilation controller can adjust the temperature and humidity in

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