10 Pack Aquarium Control Valves Air Pump Single Way Blue Plastic Air Flow Control Regulator for 3/16′ ID Tubing

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Great to be used for regulating the oxygen volume either increase or slow the airflow down into air stone, or controlling water flow for plants drip irrigation system. Made of durable non-toxic hard plastic for long-time use. No harm to your fish. Quantity: 10 Count. Work well on standard-sized 3/16″ ID airline tubing. T shape overall size: 1.45″ x 0.94″ x 0.35″. With the rubber ring inside, you can adjust the air flow easily from closed to wide open by simple twist of the knob. Easy installation: Insert the air control valve directly into hose. Please screw down tightly to prevent leaking when turning off. Product description 10 pack T shaped aquarium air pump control valves are suitable for standard 3/16″ ID airline tubing. Made of non-toxic hard plastic, just twist the knob easily to regulate the air to create a comfortable environment for your fish. Perfectly adjust the airflow in speed and produce tiny bubbles especially great for betta fishes. No need to hang bulky valves over

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